Do you think the social environment we had 20 years ago is the same we have today? (No, of course) There are more social negativities than positivities, and a consistent drop in the general morality level. That is not the real problem. It could be anticipated and it is normal that with time and migration of cultures and technologies, this effect was inevitable. The real problem now comes on the side of : what was done to prevent and cure this problem?

First of all, do you know the difference between school and education? (Yes I guess) … Education has a more general target of formation in an individual (i.e religious, moral, social, technical, scientific, medical… etc). Meanwhile schoolteaching just contributes to this general formation and constitutes just as a composant within many of the whole education system. Where as school teaching (Especially in Africa) rarely takes into account the social background and environment of its learners.

Now that we all understand the concept of education in subject, we can proceed. The problem is the deterioration of the effects of education on the learning population (infants, adolescents, adults & old aged) caused by an increase in cultural exchanges and social negative distracting elements in the learners environment. According to you, what can be a potential solution to this growing ill of ignorance?

Personally (Keugabe’s Thought), I think that the solution is simply to reinforce the general education system in our society. I.e reducing the visible and invisible effects of these distracting elements by sensibilising the learning population, and enhancing the level and effects of education by using innovative and more effective methods in instructing the popolation.

What shall be the effects of this solution? If effectively applied, the population’s level of education shall rise, and this with its discernment and entreprising skills. The society’s patrimony will live longer, and positive development shall be the only objective on a general scale.