What is Intelligence Communication?
Firstly, let us try to understand generally what is intelligence? Wikipedia defines intelligence as one’s capacity for logic, understanding, self-awareness, learning, emotional knowledge, planning, creativity and problem solving.
Personally, I see intelligence as the process of identifying useful information and using its useful components to solve problems or simplify an understanding towards a positive outcome. Intelligence is everywhere, from the simplest task we do unconsciously daily to the most anticipated events of our lives. Sometimes we notice the process going on in our minds, but sometimes not. Intelligence is involved in all the social, economic and political activities of a community. Nothing can be done without reflection. In everything, there is a detail to analyse and understand (Potential Information). The more you are aware of this perception of life, the more prosperous your life shall seem and actually be. Real entrepreneurs use intelligence to see & seize opportunities others can’t notice due to their lack of knowledge information.

Let’s proceed to communication. Simply as it appears, it is a common word we use daily in our interactive community. But the question is : Do we really communicate useful and lucrative information to our entourage? What is your use to your profession and network ? What is your net-worth? What is your use to your family and friends if you do not care/mind enough to communicate? Communication has several aspects, and here we are talking about effective communication of information that can improve a life’s status/situation and consequently in mass shall develop the community as a whole. No information is useless when it comes to personal or professional development. The brain is a very interactive organ, and can connect to intelligence information that seemed useless in relationship.
To conclude, Intelligence Communication simply means sharing wisdom and skills. “Information is key, & Communication(Interactions) is fundamental to a growing society.”
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