New Education II : Problems & Updated Solutions

As studied previously in the article “New Education”, we have approved that our community needs a new and updated methodology of education corresponding to the new social environment and its features. We vaguely depicted what is the problem, and what can be done to solve this problem. Therefore, this article as a part two to New Education has as objective to decorticate constructively the distracting elements that spoil our society (problem) and to deeply define the positive actions to be applied in the community as an individual and as a whole so as to realize this new system of education remedy to the social ills existing.

Firstly, we have to know that, these negative externalities can arise directly from their source or may arise indirectly from a disruptive innovation (depending on “how” it is used.). They majorly include :

-Social Media

-Tv shows (especially reality shows and some worldly films)

-Music (worldly & obscene)

These are the 3 main outlets of negative disruptive information in our community, and this information tends to alter the perception of things hence the actions and thoughts of its generally mentally weak audience.

Here, the negative externality is extracted from the fact that most youths of the African population, interpret negatively or unwisely what they see or learn from the developed countries’ communication outlets (westernization). Information diffused is not always meant for the purpose publicly defined. The diffusers have other hidden ideas in mind when diffusing this type of information. Generally it is for the marketing of evil/unorthodox/capitalist products or ideas. They beautify the general content of the information, and the negative disruptive information then slides gently in to your mind, where it shall work effectively in your subconscious, hence altering your perception of the product or notion promoted. That is why we generally say in Africa, the poor people even tend to consume luxury more than the rich people. This is due to frustration arised from these negative disruptive information. The effects of this type of information are numerous (narcissisme, prostitution, theft, jealousy, complex of inferiority, materialism, vainness and pride) and a more automatic psychological interactive system is being developed everyday, with the unique goal to continue enrich the rich, and bankrupt the poor (Trends).

I believe that the more interaction we have with the developed continents, of Europe and America the more our mentality tend to degrade (due to illiteracy which renders interactions and exchanges ineffective). This is not to say communication and interaction is bad for our society, “No”. This is just to say that, the audience/consumers of this information systems and outlets should be well educated on the positive and negative aspects of what they are looking on Tv or hearing as music. This will permit them to better assimilate the information they receive, retain and apply the positive ones, and ignore the negative ones out of wisdom. “We live in the information era, it can build you, as it can destroy you.”-KDB. Therefor, what are the moves we can take as a community so as to slow and reject this inflow of negative disruptive information and mentalities ?

As generally also observed in the western world, there is what we call “sensibilisations”. Not the type of sensibilisation in our African countries’ that is mostly of medical nature, here we are talking about sensibilisations on social negativities. It can also be conceptualised as informal education (infant, youths & adult education) and has as aim to cultivate learning and reflection wisely, respectfully and spontaneously in the learner. Here, we need to educate the population about the good and bad uses of new applications and appliances. The most important source of positive information is a book. People write on any and every subjects. People write about their experiences with different bodies & minds, which can later serve as a sort of perceptive sensibilisation. Not everyone has that power of perception at once, but those that have it have the obligation to share and cultivate the others too.

Personal development seminaries/workshops and talks are also good solutions to these problems, but how many youths in our country “pay” to go to a self-improvement talk? (A very low proportion) They instead prefer to pay to attend a rap concert or go to night clubs.

The body, soul & mind are all inter-related. So the development of one of them entails the proportionate development of the other. Informal educational centers or institutions are very rare in our less developed countries, while normally they should be as numerous as formal education centers (schools) given the huge population to convert. That is the main solution to the problem, this because they contain learning programs that shall develop the body, mind & soul of its customers, hence better mentalities for a growing community. For example in the USA we can talk about the “Robbins Research International”, founded and managed by the great spiritual coach and motivational speaker Tony Robbins, with main aim to elevate mentalities by organizing self educative seminaries and activities in the whole of the continent (America) as a tour.

“Lack of knowledge is ignorance, and an ignorant person is not much to blame for his/her actions. The person to blame is the knower who never sensibilised.” – KDB

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                      -Keugabe D. Bern