Nobody likes to be or feel bored. The human nature is distraction oriented. From when you wake up to when you fall asleep, your brain is in constant search of something to do or to be occupied with ; It can be work if available, or any other source of distraction agent (Tv shows, social media, reading, music, friends, etc). When the mind is not distracted or at work as its main duty is, it tends to turn off and you fall asleep out of boredom. Sleep is not only about being physically tired, but can also reflect problems /stress or extreme boredom.

So, have you ever tried to stay awake when you are bored ? That means staying still and your brain is focused on no distraction. No phone, no music, no tv, No Distractions and No bed. SAT UPRIGHT.      At that moment, the brain starts searching deep inside you (insight) for something to think about. Your conscience at that moment is searching inside you an ignoring the outside environment.     Fisrtly, your focus shall fall on the thoughts that called your attention lately (Preconscious mind), then access to the hard drive of the conscious mind where all the information that passes throught it are then stocked (Subconscious), and much more interesting information as you go deeper in the Unconscious part of the mind where highly influencing informations that escaped to the conscious mind are stocked, anchored and transmuted into habits.

To practice this type of conscient interior mind search you must be able to practice basic meditation excercises so as to have enough control on the direction of your inner cursor/compass at that precise moment.

Here, what you will find beneath your conscious thoughts and last souvenirs are the most important elements of this process, that is, your subconscious and unconscious thoughts or « Human Database » as i usually call it. It is made up of the information you usually deal with during your active unconscious lifetime. That is, the music and sounds you usually listen to, the scents or odours you usually smell, the images or scenes you are familiar with, and the emotions you feel. The quality of these elements shall massively direct the quality of your creative thoughts/Imagination at that moment of introspection. So, you got to take care of your environment and the type of information your senses intercept or capture be it consciously or unconsciously.

I Will Better Explain This Mindful Process Using The Diagram Below.  Let’s Call It :




As seen above, all these sections of the mind work in relations with each other ; instinctively manipulating information from one point to another in order to clarify and accord Thoughts with the consequent Habits. BEING SUPER CONSCIENT IS to be aware of this mechanism and be able to process the information you shall find into ideas and concepts using your imaginative or creative perception abilities to connect the informative knowledge collected.

This process is the same used to recall an information you have in your brain (subconscious/unconscious) but cannot remember now, the only difference is that you never remember it while you are actively searching because your brain is in motion or actually disturbed, while when the introspection is naturally pushed by boredom or done consciously throught meditation, the process is easier and more productive. In the same line self hypnotism is more effective in a sleeping mood, this because the brain clears itself before shutting down, so easier to penetrate at that moment.




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